Expert in providing holistic spinal care for your whole family

She has been a member and past Vice President of the SW Florida Chiropractic Association. She graduated with honors from the University of Florida and then from Western States Chiropractic College. She received a Pediatric Fellowship from Life Chiropractic College and attended post-graduate seminars to obtain in-depth pediatric and pre-natal training. For years, she worked with Integrity Management as a 5 star member.


In Sarasota, Dr. Amy Tafeen has won the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce’s Woman Entrepreneur Excellence Award and was a member of the Rotary Club for 10 years. She was a mentor for Women Owner’s Network in Sarasota. Dr. Tafeen has taught anatomy and physiology at Sarasota School of Massage Therapy, Keiser College, and Everglades College.

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Dr. Amy Offer’s an Array of Services:

  • Preconception and prenatal care
  • Postpartum Rehab and pediatric care
  • Acute and wellness care
  • Mask required, Staff wears mask
  • Improved Joint Mobility
  • Decrease inflammatory process associated with subluxation
  • Strengthens Immune System
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Decrease pain

Her patients speak…

Are you in the need of some healing?

After closing her successful 35 year practice in 2015, she spent the past five years living in Guatemala working with indigenous Mayan families. She is happy to be back in Sarasota and is ready to help heal you and your family!


Chiropractic care will help you with: Neck and Back Pain, Numbness and Tingling, Joint Stiffness, Pregnancy Discomfort, Disc Injury, Personal Injury Cases, Headaches and Migraines.


The benefits of Chiropractic include: Reduced Stress, Living a Pain Free Life, Emergency Pain Relief, A Well Balanced Body, Increased Flexibility, Increased Range Of Motion, Health and Happiness.

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Dr. Amy Tafeen’s interests and experiences include

  • Conversational Spanish and Nature Enthusiast
  • History of adjusting horses, dogs and rabbits with veterinarians
  • Raised three college graduates (a professional choreographer/MFA candidate and two entrepreneurs — Sustainable Breakthroughs and The Happy Hustle)
  • World Traveler throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe
  • Trained in Kalish Functional Medicine
  • Co-Founder of the Center for Integral Healing in Portland, Oregon
  • Collaboration with Dr. Zhaolan Chao, Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist
  • Studied with Master Chen in Chi Gong and Chinese Healing Techniques
  • Experience working with elite athletes in various fields including: ballet and modern dance professionals with Sarasota Ballet, Ringling Circus performers, as well as professional soccer, football and baseball players